Inkjet Printer

Product Description
Our Inkjet printer, also called inkjet printing machine is a marking system controlled by a single chip. By controlling the inner gear pump and providing compressed gas from the machine's exterior, it puts pressure on the ink in the system, which then emits the ink by way of several dozen UM nozzles.

Features of Inkjet Printer
1. PERFECT Laser selects the best fittings from all over the world for our inkjet printer. Power supplies for this industrial printing machine are offered by top of the line manufacturers. Touch-screens are made by Hitachi, pumps are made in Germany, the electrical chips are supplied by Phillips, and the pipelines are imported from Switzerland.
2. The inkjet printer boasts English-Chinese language settings, phonetic and region-position input, ability to download BMP from computer, one button touch stop/start function, diagnose any fault automatically, phase and viscosity controlled automatically, and nozzles auto wash.
3. It can work with the production line or conveyor belt to achieve the online flying printing.

Inkjet Printer
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Applications of Inkjet Printer
PERFECT Laser's inkjet printer is widely used for paper printing, glass bottles printing, plastic bottles printing, metal printing, medicine box printer, plastic bags printing, cartonsprinting, paper bags printing, electronic products printing, labels printing, nylon printing, ABS/PVC/PC printing, rubber printing, resin printing, and ceramic printing.

Technical Parameters of Inkjet Printer
Model Number PM-100 PM-200 PM-300
Print lines 1-3 lines 1-4 lines 1-6 lines
Advantage LCD+press keyboard screen LCD+press keyboard screen LCD touching screen
Print height 1-15mm (adjustable)
Print distance 0--4cm
Print speed 4.5m/s(5×7pixel)
Interface In Chinese and English, with editing function
Store Information 40pcs of jet printing information
Jet ink Available Black, blue, red and other color ink
Font Widened 1~9 times
Print Content Numbers, Chinese character, Letter, Logo, Serial numbers, Random numbers etc. within 32×2560pixel.
Fixed length print Function Any unit, any length.

Optional Item
Auto conveyor belt

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