Automatic Embossing Machine

Product Description
This automatic embossing machine is designed based on advanced embossing technology developed by the experienced engineers at PERFECT Laser. This auto embosser is used for embossing 26 letters (A-Z), numbers (0-10), and symbols (+-*/@%...) on the surface of various metal and non-metal materials, such as aluminum, iron, copper, tinplate, stainless steel, plastic card, etc.

Product Features
1. The automatic embossing machine ensures high precision marking characters and a variety of fonts, and requires little maintenance.
2. The embossing mold is made of hard die-steel. It boasts a long life time of 12 month.
3. Powerful software is designed into this embossing press, which can work with local network to realize intelligent production management, allowing this embosser to work with other computers for input and output data.
4. Basic structure of the feeding system (Industrial X-Y scanning system) is made from a precise foundry mold and was molded with high precision, ensuring the entire processing performance.
5. The feeding system of this automatic imprinter adopts an imported linear moving guide rail, which is self-lubricating and automatically removes dust.

Automatic Embossing Machine (Model : PEYY-100/PEYY-200)
Automatic Embossing Machine Accessories
Automatic Embossing Samples

6. The Automatic embossing machine can emboss 2 pieces of the nameplates with the same size and material per process to improve the working efficiency.

PERFECT Laser's automatic embossing machine is suitable for automatically imprinting numerals, letters, symbols / characters on the nameplates of various materials such as steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminum, tinplate, copper, brass, and anodized and coated materials.

Technical Parameters
Item Automatic Embossing Machine
Model PEYY-100 PEYY-200
Type Desk type Cabinet type
The standard size of plate 120mm×80mm
Embossing area 120mm×65mm
Working speed 2character/s
Imprint Depth 0.1-1mm
Embossing content English character, numbers, digit
The size of character 3-4mm
Thickness of Embossing 0.2-0.8mm
Power supply 220V±10%, 50Hz, 500W
Feeding system Automatic feeding embossing clamping fixture
Gas supply 0.3 - 0.6Mpa
Feedback Form
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