Four-Head Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02IV/Y02IV - F

Product Features
1. Operated using a manual or external signal control, automatic operation can be achieved with the assembly line.
2. The protection design for the focus heads reduces dust impact.
3. The cutting power and cutting speed are both adjustable.
4. An advanced fiber laser source ensures a high beam quality, excellent stability and a long service life to meet the requirements for cutting fine coaxial wires. (There is no need to paint tin for cutting.)
5. Advanced beam splitting techniques ensures the identity of the laser beam from the four different channels, ensuring a clean stripping of any shields without any damage to the insulation.
6. Customers can choose from a vertical or horizontal structure to cater to different needs.

Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02IV/Y02IV -F

1. The high production capacity effectively reduces the cost of production. Mechanical wire stripping machines can’t cut micro-coaxial wires (it is too difficult to adjust and the qualified rate is too low)., requiring the use of traditional YAG wire stripping machines with a tin layer coating on the shield. By comparison, the four head laser wire stripping machine can meet all the requirements for cutting micro-coaxial lines with no need for a coating tin layer. The wire striper can carry out multiple cable processing with just one work round (with workholders).
2. High quality, high production yield: stripping from four directions can completely cut, leaving behind no residue or damage to the insulation.
3. High stability, high reliability: The protection design prevents pollution of the optical systems.
4. High adaptability meets various customer requirements.
5. Multiple processing programs-files can be edited and saved for future use/reference.
6. Easy operation: just enter the required processing program or files to start production.

Application Field
The four head laser wire striping machine is useful for thin coaxial cables, such as internal shielding lines in phone, computers, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, electronic dictionaries and other microelectronic industry products.

Product Introduction
Laser wire strippers are newly developed machines by Lingyun Photoelectronic System Co., Ltd. We offer three models for customers to choose from: diode end pumped Nd: YAG laser strippers, fiber laser strippers and CO2 laser strippers. Each model is characterized by the high precision, high velocity, easy operation, stable capacity, modern design, and compact structure. It is especially suitable for fine coaxial wires and there is no need to flip wires. It can strip away shielding on wires cleanly without damaging the insulation.

Product Features
1. The high performance PLC controller controls the machine completely, it is easy and convenient to operate, and the working process is stable.
2. The mechanical wire stripping machine can strip different types of shielding without deforming and damaging insulation. The conductors are not damaged while stripping the insulation, which ensures a high finished product rate.
3. It resolves the problems caused by manual strippers, such as inconvenient and difficult control, incomplete stripping when cut superficially, and accidentally cutting off the copper core when cutting deeply, and being unable to strip multi-layer lines.
4. The machine is easy to operate. Non-mechanical contact work will not result in any mechanical extrusions or stress on processed materials. This results in an extremely high process quality.
5. Precise control of the laser cutting position, size, depth, and repeating orientation minimizes the possibility of finished product defects.
6. The wire stripping machine has a rational structure, a humanistic design, stable output power, high velocity, high precision, excellent quality and a long service life.
7. A German top of the line laser diode is used as the laser source to ensure the output power, energy and precision required for micro-coaxial wire stripping (meaning there is no need for tin coating).
8. An advanced “beam splitting” technology is used to ensure the power and homogeneity of the laser beam from the multiple heads to completely strip shield without damaging the insulators.

Equipment Parameters
Laser CO2 Diode end-pumped YAG Fiber Laser
Laser Power 10/30/60 W 10/20W 10/20/30 W
Wavelength 10.6μm 1.064μm 1.064μm
Cutting speed 0~200mm /s 0~200mm /s 0~200mm /s
Precision ±0.02mm ±0.02mm ±0.02mm
Cooling Air Air Air
X axis distance > 300mm > 300mm > 300mm
Y axis distance 50mm 50mm 50mm
Power 220(110)V/50(60)Hz/1KVA 220(110)V/50(60)Hz/300KVA 220(110)V/50(60)Hz/500KVA
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