Laser Wire Stripper

  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02II/Y02IIWith a compact structure, the two head, touch screen laser wire stripping machine (vertical model) provides a 30W infrared laser beam output. It features a reliable performance, and carries out automated stripping on all types and coatings of wires and cables. It is an excellent choice for wire and cable processing.
  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02II/Y02II - K Due to different materials absorbing different waves, when using non-contact cutting, the laser wire stripping machine can control the cut position, slitting, and depth with a precise repeating orientation. It can process inner shield layers, as well as insulators in various materials, thus minimizing the possibility of finished product defects.
  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02II/Y02II - FThe CO2 laser wire stripping machine is applicable for cutting non-metal materials, including Polyvinyl chloride, glass fiber, polyester, polyester film, fluoride, nylon, polyethylene, silicon resin, and other insulation materials.
  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02IV/Y02IV - F 1. Operated using a manual or external signal control, automatic operation can be achieved with the assembly line.
    2. The protection design for the focus heads reduces dust impact.
    3. The cutting power and cutting speed are both adjustable.
  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02II/Y02II - RThe rotary laser wire stripping machine for thick cables allows laser beams to rotate around the wires that need to undergo processing. This machine can quickly process not only insulation, but also shield layers of thick cables and coaxial wires.
  • Laser Wire Stripping Machine, PEDB-C02II/Y02II - GThe high speed dual head laser wire striping machine uses the latest patented technology and provides the best solutions for an accurate and high speed processing for compound wire, especially for extra fine coaxial wires.
Other Products
  • YAG Laser Cutting Machine The large format YAG metal laser cutting machine that uses a very thin laser beam can be used to cut small parts and make complicated patterns with a polished effect. Small but powerful beam from the YAG laser cutter cuts material and leaves the edges very smooth and neat. It also has the advantage of high cutting speed with minimal thermal distortion. Due to high accurate and non-contact cutting, this YAG laser cutting machine is especially applicable for cutting different thin metal materials such as mild steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, zinc, and brass.
  • Laser Die Cutting MachineAuto following and focus system, automatically senses the distance from cutting head to die board being cut and adjusts the focus distance.
    Top quality 150W CO2 laser tube, the wattage is 1/10 of larger power cutting machines.
    Two advanced laser heads of this CO2 laser cutter utilize coaxial cutting technology, which can cut both sides of the die board in the same axle, which enhances the efficiency of the whole process.
  • Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The table CNC plasma cutting machine comes with a working table and its working area is 1,500×3,000 mm. The plasma cutting table adopts a single driver and can be set up for CNC flame cutting, plasma cutting and CNC flame and plasma combination cutting according to user's requirement.
    The CNC plasma cutting machine is an automatic and high efficiency piece of cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, including mild steel materials, nonferrous metal, and sheet metal.
  • Desktop Laser Engraving Machine The desktop laser engraving machine is mainly used to engrave stamps and small crafts. It uses a CO2 working lamp and is produced using proprietary laser engraving software. This desktop laser engraver comes with an automatic control system and a precisely controlled working table.
    Our desktop laser engraving machine is designed with a CO2 working lamp and it is made using proprietary laser engraving software.
  • Advertising CNC Router Our advertising CNC router is designed using pure aluminum, which greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. It is applied in the cutting of large sized kneading board and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the cutting machine is calculated and customized according to optimization based on market statistics. It can cut through Plexiglas with thickness of 20mm without trouble.
  • Crystal Subsurface Diode Laser Engraving Machine This laser engraving machine for crystal subsurface diode primarily uses a 3D camera to take three-dimensional images of an item, and then through PE the laser inner carving technology makes dots inside a crystal structure. These dots are then used to recreate a three-dimensional image. This type of 3D laser engraving machine uses an imported air cooling laser system. It not only greatly increases the speed of engraving, but also allows the laser to cut very fine characteristics.
  • Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine PERFECT Laser's Fiber Laser Marking Machine uses the most advanced fiber laser available on the market. The lifetime of the fiber laser marker can reach up to 100,000 hours (8-10 years) without any consumables and maintenance. The industrial laser marking system uses high-brightness fiber-coupled pump laser diodes to produce a powerful laser beam with fine thickness for jobs that require high accuracy.