Laser Cutting Machine for Rotary Die Making

1) This laser cutting machine for rotary die making is consistent with the core technology of the flat die cutting machine.
2) It can cut diameters of 360mm and 410mm standard round templates for all kinds of graphics.
3) Comparing to other high-power rotary die board laser cutting machines, this rotary die board laser cutting machine features low machine cost and low operation cost.

This laser cutting machine for rotary die board production is ideal for die cutting, double faced adhesive tape processing, printing and packing, advertisement, and furniture production.

Laser Cutting Machine for Rotary Die Making
Technical Data
Model PEC-2000 PEC-3000
Cutting length 2000mm 3000mm
Laser power 300w
Cutting diameter 300mm - 530mm
Width of joint-cutting >0.35mm, adjustable
Cutting Precision ±0.05mm
Cutting speed 0.3-0.6m/min
Cutting method bevelment (up, down)
Laser type CO2 directly-current glass laser tube
Weave length of laser 10.6um
Resetting accuracy ±0.03mm
Cutting speed 0.7m/minute
Board thickness/cut <22mm
Moving speed 10-2000mm/min
Available form PIL, DXF, etc
Power supply 220V±5% 50HZ
Total power 2.5KW 3 KW
Total weight 2T 2.5T
Working area 4600×800×1000 6500×800×1000
Machine dimension 7000×1000×2000 8000×1000×2000
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Other Products
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    Top quality 150W CO2 laser tube, the wattage is 1/10 of larger power cutting machines.
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