Die Board Laser Cutting Machine

  • Laser Die Cutting MachineAuto following and focus system, automatically senses the distance from cutting head to die board being cut and adjusts the focus distance.
    Top quality 150W CO2 laser tube, the wattage is 1/10 of larger power cutting machines.
    Two advanced laser heads of this CO2 laser cutter utilize coaxial cutting technology, which can cut both sides of the die board in the same axle, which enhances the efficiency of the whole process.
  • GSI Die Board Laser Cutting Machine The GSI die board laser cutting machine with a working area of 1200×2500mm adopts a UK 260W GSI laser tube that comes with a long lifetime of more than 10,000 hours. This wood laser cutter or sometimes plastic laser cutter can cut die board up to 25mm with high efficiency and excellent quality. It is widely applicable for the packaging and advertising industries. The major applications of our GSI die-board laser cutting machine are for cutting thick medium density fiber (MDF), bamboo, and plywood.
  • Laser Cutting Machine for Rotary Die Making This laser cutting machine for rotary die making is consistent with the core technology of the flat die cutting machine.
    It can cut diameters of 360mm and 410mm standard round templates for all kinds of graphics.
    Comparing to other high-power rotary die board laser cutting machines, this rotary die board laser cutting machine features low machine cost and low operation cost.

PERFECT Laser is a specialized die board laser cutting machine manufacturer based in China. Apart from this industrial laser cutter, we also offer CNC plasma cutting machine, laser engraving cutting machine, laser welding machine, dot peen marking machine, etc.

Other Products
  • Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The table CNC plasma cutting machine comes with a working table and its working area is 1,500×3,000 mm. The plasma cutting table adopts a single driver and can be set up for CNC flame cutting, plasma cutting and CNC flame and plasma combination cutting according to user's requirement.
    The CNC plasma cutting machine is an automatic and high efficiency piece of cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, including mild steel materials, nonferrous metal, and sheet metal.
  • Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The Gantry type CNC plasma cutting machine can cut both oxidized and non-oxidized metal, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and zinc with thickness from 1-60 mm. This plasma cutter comes with a gantry structure and adopts dual-driving, longitudinal tracks that can be configured according to user specifications. The lateral cutting width is 3000 mm - 6000 mm, and the longitudinal cutting length is 3000 mm.
  • Galvanometer Laser Engraving Machine The galvanometer laser engraving machine performs engraving of designs and pictures on a variety of textile fabrics, leather, PV and other materials to make beautiful products. This type of laser engraver is also a necessary component in stonewashing process of jean manufacturing.
    The laser engraving machine with galvanometer head adopts a unique moving-style sand-blasting technology, which eliminates the weaknesses of small engraving scope of the traditional model.
  • Rotary Laser Engraving Machine The rotary laser engraving machine has an installed rotary control system with rotary fixture and motorized up and down table with a standard laser engraving head. The moving parts make it applicable in lots of column, cone, and cylindrical work pieces.
    This type of laser engraving machine is design with an automatic feeding device which saves time and greatly improves production efficiency.
  • CCD Laser Cutting MachineThe CCD laser cutting machine automatically compensates to prevent deformation of the fabric. This ensures the accuracy of cutting, shortens the cutting path, and increases efficiency.
    The CO2 laser cutting machine is great for a variety of industries such as advertisement, arts and crafts, toys, car, as well as trademarks, embroidery, clothing and other more.
  • Advertising CNC Router Our advertising CNC router is designed using pure aluminum, which greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. It is applied in the cutting of large sized kneading board and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the cutting machine is calculated and customized according to optimization based on market statistics. It can cut through Plexiglas with thickness of 20mm without trouble.
  • CNC Woodworking MachineThe CNC woodworking machine made by PERFECT Laser, a specialist CNC router manufacturer in China, uses a professional dust collecting system and vacuum system primarily for use in the wood working industry. For example, it can be used in the furniture industry for furniture decoration, wooden door and window frame processing, and wooden handcraft making industry. Our CNC wood router or CNC wood engraving machine can also be used in the musical instrument manufacturing industry to finish 3D wood carving, whether it is relief cutting or profile cutting.