Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

The table CNC plasma cutting machine comes with a working table and its working area is 1,500×3,000 mm. The plasma cutting table adopts a single driver and can be set up for CNC flame cutting, plasma cutting and CNC flame and plasma combination cutting according to user's requirement.

1. The bench of this CNC plasma cutting machine uses a gantry structure, welded after a vibration aging treatment to eliminate stress.
2. The CNC cutting table features a planetary reduced drive system whose input and output error is only 16 arc minutes. The horizontal and vertical structure of the gear drive improves the automatic clearance compensation device so that it can accurately drive the structure according to the settings established using the CNC.
3. The tracks and clamping structure of this CNC cutting system are securely fitted and welded to ensure the accuracy of the work.

The CNC plasma cutting machine is an automatic and high efficiency piece of cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, including mild steel materials, nonferrous metal, and sheet metal.

Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Accessories
Table CNC Plasma Cutting Samples
Technical Date for Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
Model PE-CUT-A1
Working Area 1500 × 3000 mm
Effective Working Area 1200 × 2600 mm
Auto-Inflame 1 set
NC Cutting 1 set
Controlled Switch some
Lifting Height of Cutting ≤200mm
Cutting Speed 0-3500mm/min
Roughness of Cutting Surface Ra≤12.5μm
Driving System three-phase AC motor single-driving

Optional Items
1) CNC Plasma power supply
2) Electric up and down table

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  • Cantilever CNC Plasma Cutting MachineThe PE-CUT-B1 and PE-CUT-B2 CNC plasma cutting machines use a cantilever design structure. The lateral cutting width is 2000-2800mm, and the longitudinal length is 3000mm. This portable CNC cutting machine can be fitted with several cutting torches, it can choose auto-adjusting height system, and it is small and easy to move.
    The PE-CUT-C1 and PE-CUT-C2 CNC plasma cutting machines also use a cantilever structure while the lateral cutting width is 1200-1400mm, and the longitudinal cutting length is 1500-2000mm.