CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The table CNC plasma cutting machine comes with a working table and its working area is 1,500×3,000 mm. The plasma cutting table adopts a single driver and can be set up for CNC flame cutting, plasma cutting and CNC flame and plasma combination cutting according to user's requirement.
    The CNC plasma cutting machine is an automatic and high efficiency piece of cutting equipment. It is widely used in all kinds of carbon materials cutting, including mild steel materials, nonferrous metal, and sheet metal.
  • Gantry CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The Gantry type CNC plasma cutting machine can cut both oxidized and non-oxidized metal, such as stainless steel, brass, aluminum, and zinc with thickness from 1-60 mm. This plasma cutter comes with a gantry structure and adopts dual-driving, longitudinal tracks that can be configured according to user specifications. The lateral cutting width is 3000 mm - 6000 mm, and the longitudinal cutting length is 3000 mm.
  • Cantilever CNC Plasma Cutting Machine The PE-CUT-B1 and PE-CUT-B2 CNC plasma cutting machines use a cantilever design structure. The lateral cutting width is 2000-2800mm, and the longitudinal length is 3000mm. This portable CNC cutting machine can be fitted with several cutting torches, it can choose auto-adjusting height system, and it is small and easy to move.
    The PE-CUT-C1 and PE-CUT-C2 CNC plasma cutting machines also use a cantilever structure while the lateral cutting width is 1200-1400mm, and the longitudinal cutting length is 1500-2000mm.

As a professional CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer in China, our company also supplies laser engraving cutting machine, dot peen marking machine, metal laser cutting machine, automatic embossing machine, etc. According to working structures, the CNC plasma cutter can be classified into three types, namely table, gantry and cantilever CNC plasma cutting machines. For more cutting solutions, please contact us at any moment.

Other Products
  • Large Scale Laser Engraving Machine The laser engraving machine for large format engraving adopts an automatic stainless steel crawler platform to meet the demand of large-format cutting and carving.
    Automatic feeding device saves time and greatly improves production efficiency.
    The imported high precision linear guide rail and professional dustproof optical system improve the engraving quality and prolong lifetime of this laser engraver.
  • Double Head Laser Engraving Machine The double head laser engraving machine was developed by our company to solve the problem of heavy processing volume demand with little processing time. The laser machine has high-efficiency and low-input and has obtained national patent protection. Two laser heads of this laser engraving machine can simultaneously carve and cut as well as be controlled separately.
    This special laser engraver and cutter can achieve large-scope cutting with single laser head
  • Galvanometer Laser Engraving Machine The galvanometer laser engraving machine performs engraving of designs and pictures on a variety of textile fabrics, leather, PV and other materials to make beautiful products. This type of laser engraver is also a necessary component in stonewashing process of jean manufacturing.
    The laser engraving machine with galvanometer head adopts a unique moving-style sand-blasting technology, which eliminates the weaknesses of small engraving scope of the traditional model.
  • CNC Metal Engraving Machine, Mold Milling MachineOur CNC metal engraving and mold milling machine uses cast pieces to guarantee strength and stability. The imported precision linear guide rail is of excellent strength and high precision. This CNC router is equipped with a special constant power motor so it has a large cutting force and high work efficiency. The interface uses the international standard G code. It's compatible with many kinds of engraving software.
  • CNC Marble Stone Engraving MachineThe PERFECT Laser CNC marble stone engraving machine is equipped with a stainless steel water slot and cooling system to cycle water automatically and cool the blade when it is engraving on hard materials such as marble, granite, glass, stone etc. This CNC marble router or stone engraver is not only applicable for stone material but also can be used for engraving on acrylic, PVC, metals, etc.
  • CNC Glass Engraving Machine The CNC glass engraving machine is a professional digital piece of equipment for flat glass engraving. This is part of a new generation of glass deep-processing equipment designed by a number of senior engineering and technical personnel. Widely used in processed decorative glass, furniture glass, and glass and mirror grooving, grinding and polishing.