Desktop Laser Engraving Machine

The desktop laser engraving machine is mainly used to engrave stamps and small crafts. It uses a CO2 working lamp and is produced using proprietary laser engraving software. This desktop laser engraver comes with an automatic control system and a precisely controlled working table.

1. Our desktop laser engraving machine is designed with a CO2 working lamp and it is made using proprietary laser engraving software.
2. Automatic control system and precisely controlled working table.
3. The CO2 laser engraver features simple operation, and is compatible with a variety of software such as AutoCAD, CorelDraw, etc.
4. It boasts a revolutionary structural design.
5. The laser engraving machine has low noise, and is free from maintenance, steady and reliable.

Application Fields
Available Materials:
The desktop laser engraving machine widely used in rubber plate engraving, seal engraving, advertisement material, such as acrylic engraving, plastic engraving, PVC board engraving, organic glass engraving, Plexiglas engraving, EVA materials engraving, and paper engraving.

Desktop Laser Engraving Machine (Models : PEDK-40A, 40B)
PEDK-40A, 40B
Desktop Laser Engraving Machine Accessories
Desktop Laser Engraving Samples

Application Industries: The 3D engraving machine is suitable for advertising, garments sampling, small width tailoring, leather industry, shoemaking, decoration, furniture, packing and printing, and the model industry.

Technical Parameter
Model PE-40A (Vertical Type) PE-40B (Horizontal Type)
Laser Power 40W
Working Area 120×100mm 240×200mm
Measurement 350×416×1032mm 350×500×800mm
Engraving Speed 100-200mm/min 100-300mm/min
Resolution Ratio 0.0125mm
Minimal Shaping Character character 2mm letter1mm character 2mm letter 0.8mm
Power Supply 220V/50Hz
Support Format BMP,PLT
Gross Power 200W
Feedback Form
Other Products
  • Large Scale Laser Engraving Machine The laser engraving machine for large format engraving adopts an automatic stainless steel crawler platform to meet the demand of large-format cutting and carving.
    Automatic feeding device saves time and greatly improves production efficiency.
    The imported high precision linear guide rail and professional dustproof optical system improve the engraving quality and prolong lifetime of this laser engraver.
  • Double Head Laser Engraving Machine The double head laser engraving machine was developed by our company to solve the problem of heavy processing volume demand with little processing time. The laser machine has high-efficiency and low-input and has obtained national patent protection. Two laser heads of this laser engraving machine can simultaneously carve and cut as well as be controlled separately.
    This special laser engraver and cutter can achieve large-scope cutting with single laser head