ATC Woodworking Machine

The ATC woodworking machine is equipped with precision parts. The machine's body employs thick welded steel pipe which is processed with high temperature annealing. With the imported linear guide rail, the wood router can operate accurately and bear large loads. This wood engraver uses an advanced vacuum adsorption platform so it is of high capacity of adsorption. The strong dust collecting system eliminates debris during processing.

Features of ATC Woodworking Machine
1. Advanced digit-control system, handle operation and large liquid crystal display brings out more convenient operation, simpler maintenance and a more user-friendly design of the machine.
2. Taiwanese LNC control system, excellent two-bolt pole made in Germany, slideways made in Japan and Korea, and an Italian HSD air cooling spindle.
3. More compatible: This CNC woodworking machine is compatible with CAD/CAM software such as Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Proe/UG/ Artcut, etc.
4. Vacuum table and dust collector system with 6 separately controlled zones, dust cover, auto tool aligning system, auto oiling, 8 tools changer, 12 cutters( φ6, φ12.7), and 3 collets.
5. Vacuum hold down with high suction of 230 L/hour
6. Unique intelligent calculations leads to high speed processing, the synchronization of curves and straight lines, and race speed of 12m/min.
7. Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be transmitted instantly, no driver installation required (Window98/NT/2000/XP)

ATC Woodworking Machine (Models : PEM-1325C1, PEM-1325C2, PEM-1325D1, PEM-1325D2)
PEM-1325C1, PEM-1325C2, PEM-1325D1, PEM-1325D2
ATC Woodworking Machine Accessories
ATC Woodworking Samples

Applications of ATC Woodworking Machine
The wood processing equipment is widely used in the wood industry to engrave and process furniture. It is widely used in the engraving and cutting of wood, bamboo, marble, duotone acryl, plastic, and metals such as copper and aluminum. In addition, it can be also used for lettering, embossment, and characters cut in relief, etc.

Technical Parameters of ATC Woodworking Machine
Model PEM-1325C1 PEM-1325C2 PEM-1325D1 PEM-1325D2
Working Area(X,Y,Z) 1300mm×2500mm×120mm
Customization available
Spindle Power China made 5Kw HSD Italy 8Kw China made 5Kw HSD Italy 8Kw
Spindle Cooling Way water cooling air cooling water cooling air cooling
No. of tools Straight knife type changing ATC advanced turnplate type ATC
Frame Structure Seamless welding steel structure
X,Y Structure Square Guide Rail, Gear Transmission
Z Structure Linear guide rail, ball screw
Working Delicacy 0.025-0.05mm
Max Engraving Speed 25,000mm/min
Resolution ratio 0.002mm
Repetition accuracy ± 0.02mm
Spindle Rotating Speed 6000 - 24,000rpm
Drive motor system Step Motor and Step Driver(Option: Servo System)
Operating System Taiwan LNC control system
Working-holding Vacuum system
Dust removing plant duct collection (dust prevent setup)
Engraving Command G code, u00, mmg, PLT, HPG
Command language system English Version, Windows 98/2000/XP Operation System
Operational Software Original Type3 Software, ArtCam software or Wentai Software
Command language system English Version, Windows 98/2000/XP Operation System
Software Compatibility Support CAD/CAM software, PLT format, Corel Draw, Auto CAD
Working temperature 0-45 ℃
Relative humidity 30% - 75%

Optional Items
1. Rotary Fixture
2. DSP Remote Controller (for offline working)
3. Dust Collecting System for wood working
4. Vacuum Absorbing Table for wood working
5. Stainless Steel Water Slot for cutting metal (with Cooling System)
6. Servo Motor & Control System
7. Acrylic Polishing Machine
8. Automatic Knife Changing / Turn plate Knife Changing System
9. Origin /Straight Knife Changing System

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