Glass Engraving Machine

The glass engraving machine is a professional CNC router for flat glass engraving. This is part of a new generation of glass deep-processing equipment designed by a number of senior engineering and technical personnel. Widely used in processed decorative glass, furniture glass, and glass and mirror grooving, grinding and polishing.

Features of Glass Engraving Machine
1. Adopts luxury consumables, German ball screw rod, Taiwanese linear guide rail, Japanese Mitsubishi servo motor, imported control card.
2. Stainless steel water slot and cooling system, used to cycle water automatically and cool the blade when it is engraving glass.
3. Equipped with a fully automated knife changing and lubrication devices.
4. Controlled by computer and can directly import CAD drawings, automatically generates and optimizes tool paths.
5. Perfect combination of CNC and PC systems, suitable for mass production of high-precision glass deep-processing products.
6. High efficiency and speed mechanical transmission, maximum speed up to 60m/min.

Glass Engraving Machine
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7. Long wheel utilization, tool grinding wheels are available from Ф170 to Ф110.
8. International graphic simulation feature allows users to process images at a glance, reduce error rate and improve the pass rate of production.
9. English, Chinese and other language user interface, improved man-machine dialogue function, easy to learn and operate.

Application Fields of Glass Engraving Machine
Available Materials

Decorative glass engraving, art glass engraving, furniture glass engraving, mirror engraving etc.

Application Industries
Glass, furniture, decoration, arts and crafts, cars, construction, as well as in advertisement and other industries.

Technical Parameter of Glass Engraving Machine
Model PEG-1525 PEG-1930
Max Working Area 1500 × 2500mm 1900 × 3000mm
Min Working Area 200 × 200mm 200 × 200mm
X,Y,Z Stroke 1500 × 2500 × 300mm 1900 × 2500 × 300mm
C Angle 0-360
Location Precision (X Y Z axis) 0.10 × 0.10 × 0.02mm
Repeating Location (X Y Z axis) 0.05 × 0.05 × 0.01mm
Z Axis 10m /min
Main Axle Rotating Speed 4000rpm
Main Axle Rotating Rate 4kw
Max Grooving Depth 6-30mm
Thickness Of Glass 3-30mm
Max Diameter Of The Knife Ф100- Ф170mm
Gross Power 10kw
Weight 5000kgs
Machine Size 5700 × 3000 × 2250mm
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Other Products
  • Rotary CNC Router The rotary CNC router features a rotary system for engraving on cylindrical objects. The rotary cutting machine uses a high speed main axis, cooling water circulation system, and it produces little noise. The engine bed is made of pure aluminum which greatly increases the precision and speed of the machine. It is applied in the cutting of large sized kneading board and making large-scale relief and label.
  • Multi-Spindle CNC RouterThe CNC Router comes with multi spindles which work together to save time and improve work efficiency. With the turbine worm gear box, the CNC cutter can operate stably and you can put two rotators on the platform. The rotators can be removed so the machine can perform both three dimensional engraving and flat surface engraving.