Rotary CNC Router

The rotary CNC router features a rotary system for engraving on cylindrical objects. The rotary cutting machine uses a high speed main axis, cooling water circulation system, and it produces little noise. The engine bed is made of pure aluminum which greatly increases the precision and speed of the machine. It is applied in the cutting of large sized kneading board and making large-scale relief and label.

Features of Rotary CNC Router
1. X, Y, Z axes use imported ball bearing guide screws. It's precise and fast as even the letters as small 1mm are readable. The rotary engraving machine uses a large-power main axis that is idea for manufacturing labels, construction models, and molds in batches.
2. This CNC router uses the DSP64 contouring control system and FPGA technology which can continually and smoothly run the three axes at high speed. It has the calculation ability of 5000 vector/s.
3. Steady data transmission. The data transmission uses the technology of ISA/IP DNC/IP straight association, which can operate the machine without interruption, and it has no data limitations.

Rotary CNC Router (Model : PEM-3030S)
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4. Double-nut guide screw. The rotary CNC router uses imported German high-precision ball bearing guide screws which can eliminate cracks. Coordinated with the imported shaft coupling, it can realize precise control. It uses a straight line guide rail (cylinder or square), which can increase the working life.
5. Large internal memory capacity of 32M is able to store 30 processing files simultaneously and open and process any of them.

Technical Parameters of Rotary CNC Router
Model PEM-3030S
Power stroke of X,Y,Z axis 300×300×80mm
Size of working table 520×540mm
Power of main axle 1.5KW
Running location precision of X,Y,Z axis ± 0.03mm
Repeating location precision of X,Y,Z axis ± 0.01mm
Power stroke of Z axis 120mm
Working style Stepping motor (Option :Servo Motor)
Spindle speed of frequency conversion main axis 6000-24000rpm/min
Working voltage AC220V/50HZ
Engraving order G Code.uoommg
Optional main axis and Cartridge φ3.175.φ6
XY Running sensitivity 0.02mm
Optional Item DSP Remote Controller(for offline working)
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Other Products
  • Multi-Spindle CNC RouterThe CNC Router comes with multi spindles which work together to save time and improve work efficiency. With the turbine worm gear box, the CNC cutter can operate stably and you can put two rotators on the platform. The rotators can be removed so the machine can perform both three dimensional engraving and flat surface engraving.
  • Advertising CNC Router Our advertising CNC router is designed using pure aluminum, which greatly increases the precision and speed of the engine bed. It is applied in the cutting of large sized kneading board and making of large-scale relief and label. The size of the cutting machine is calculated and customized according to optimization based on market statistics. It can cut through Plexiglas with thickness of 20mm without trouble.