Multi-Spindle CNC Router

The CNC Router comes with multi spindles which work together to save time and improve work efficiency. With the turbine worm gear box, the CNC cutter can operate stably and you can put two rotators on the platform. The rotators can be removed so the machine can perform both three dimensional engraving and flat surface engraving.

Features of Multi-spindle CNC Router
1. All spindles of this computer controlled cutting machine work together to save time and improve work efficiency, while any of them can work alone too.
2. Water cooling system, high power spindle, low noise, and large cutting force to assure a long lifetime.
3. Firm structure with distortion resistance makes the CNC router more precise.
4. Connection with the computer via USB interface enables data to be transmitted instantly, no driver installation required (Window98/NT/2000/XP)
5. The CNC woodworking machie is compatible with CAD/CAM software such as Type3/Artcam/Castmate/Proe/UG/ Artcut, etc.High power frequency changing water cooled spindle, can process hard materials efficiently.
6. Semi-automatic oil lubrication system, can easily maintain the Panasonic servo system from Japan.

Multi-Spindle CNC Router (Models : PEM-1325-2/-4/-6/-8)
Multi-Spindle CNC Router Accessories
Multi-Spindle CNC Router Samples
Technical Parameters of Multi-spindle CNC Router
Machine Model PEM-1325-2 PEM-1325-4 PEM-1325-6 PEM-1325-8
Working Area 1300×2500×200mm
XYZ Guide Rail Square Rail
X,Y Transmission Rack Gears
Spindle Motor 3KW (Optional :4.5kw,6kw, 8kw)
Software ARTCUT(English) / TYPE3 Software
Driver Stepper Motor (Optional :Servo Motor)
Spindle Speed 0-24,000 RPM
Max Engraving Speed 20,000mm/min
Working Voltage AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
Blade Diameter. 3.175mm,4mm,6mm(or8mm,12mm,12.7mm)
X,Y,Z Repositioning Positioning Accuracy ±0.02mm
X,Y Resolution 0.01mm
Engraving tools dia Φ3.175, Φ4, Φ6, Φ12.7
Interface PCI Port or USB Port
Memory buffer (Flash) 128MB
Engraving Command G code, u00, mmg, PLT, HPGL
Command language system English Version, Windows 98/2000/XP Operation System
Operational Software Original Type3 Software, ArtCam software or Wentai Software
Software Compatibility Support CAD/CAM software, PLT format, Corel Draw, Auto CAD
Working temperature 0-45℃
Relative humidity 30% - 75%

Optional Items
1. Rotary Fixture
2. DSP Remote Controller (for offline working)
3. Dust Collecting System for wood working
4. Vacuum Absorbing Table for wood working
5. Stainless Steel Water Slot for cutting metal (with Cooling System)
6. Servo Motor & Control System
7. Acrylic Polishing Machine

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