Crystal Subsurface Diode Laser Engraving Machine

This laser engraving machine for crystal subsurface diode primarily uses a 3D camera to take three-dimensional images of an item, and then through PE the laser inner carving technology makes dots inside a crystal structure. These dots are then used to recreate a three-dimensional image. This type of 3D laser engraving machine uses an imported air cooling laser system. It not only greatly increases the speed of engraving, but also allows the laser to cut very fine characteristics.

1. This laser engraving machine is high frequency laser equipment combined with high speed scanner. It only takes 3-5 minutes to engrave one 3D image.
2. Installed with a compact air cooling system, the whole machine size is just about 0.2 cubic meters.
3. High peak power, high quality laser beam, and high resolution.
4. The engraving speed is 50,000-60,000dots/min. and 3-5mins is needed to engrave a 50×50×80mm crystal.
5. Wide working breadth, with a three-dimensional work table to enlarge the working range.

Crystal Subsurface Diode Laser Engraving Machine (Models : PE-DP-820 A, PE-DP-820B)
PE-DP-820 A, PE-DP-820B
Crystal Subsurface Diode Laser Engraving Machine Accessories

6. This type of laser engraving machine uses a diode pump laser device, it greatly increases the engraving speed.
7. Non-touch style process ensures that the surface of the crystalline lens maintains its integrity.

Applicable Field: Our Diode Series 3D Crystal Sub-surface Laser Engraving Machine is suitable for personalized 3D portraits as well as other things.
Applicable Material: Crystal crafts engraving, Crystal crafts cutting common glass engraving glass cutting and other transparent materials.

Technical Parameters
CE Model/Parameter PE-DP-820A PE-DP-820B
Max. Engraving Speed Dots/min 60,000dots/min 100,000/1,200,000dots/min
Max. Engraving Range 300×200×100mm 200×200×100
Max. Crystal Size 200×200×100mm 400×300×100mm
Dimension of Main Machine 580×620×720mm 760×670×1280mm
50×50×80mm crystal(time) 6mins 3-5mins
Pumped type Diode Pumped
Laser Wave Length 532nm
Laser Frequency 1000Hz
Max Pulse Power 0.7mj
Laser Power 1.5w @1KHZ
Q Adjust Method Electro optically Q Switched
Laser Head 1
Resolution 800dpi
Focus Diameter 0.04mm
Applications Materials All transparent material
Work Type Scanner Mirror   3D Work Table
Electrical Source AC220V±10% 50-60Hz
Power of Machine 1kw
Software Special Chinese and English engraving software
Accuracy 0.005mm
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