3D Camera Crystal Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine

The 3D camera component of the crystal subsurface laser engraving machine is unique in that it is functional in almost any light setting. The camera can capture and reconstruct a 3D image that can capture fine details on a person in 360 degrees. It can capture the face, back, hair, eyes, teeth, and extremities in exceptional detail. This 3D engraver uses no laser itself so eye protection is not necessary.

3D Camera Crystal Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine
Technical Data
PEG-format picture resolution 5.2 Mega-pixel
3D reconstruction resolution 0.5mm
Continuous shooting interval 0.6s
Exposal time 1/120~1/60s
Dimensions of the crust 127mm×255mm×353mm
Weight 7.8kg
Maximum Vision Scope 640mm×480mm ~ 800mm ×600mm
Distance to object Range: 0.8m ~ 1.3m
Environment light Requirement any light-intensity conditions, no assistant lighting necessary
Scalability configures to capture face, chest, back, and head (360°)
3D Reconstruction include face/hair/eye/teeth and so on
3D Reconstruction angle scope from 0~180° at only one view direction
Data output format 3DS, DXF, OBJ, and 3DV, etc
Recommended Hardware Configuration CPU: P4 -2.0G ; RAM: 512M
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