3D Subsurface Laser Engraving Machine

  • Crystal Subsurface Diode Laser Engraving Machine This laser engraving machine for crystal subsurface diode primarily uses a 3D camera to take three-dimensional images of an item, and then through PE the laser inner carving technology makes dots inside a crystal structure. These dots are then used to recreate a three-dimensional image. This type of 3D laser engraving machine uses an imported air cooling laser system. It not only greatly increases the speed of engraving, but also allows the laser to cut very fine characteristics.
  • 3D Camera Crystal Subsurface Laser Engraving MachineThe 3D camera component of the crystal subsurface laser engraving machine is unique in that it is functional in almost any light setting. The camera can capture and reconstruct a 3D image that can capture fine details on a person in 360 degrees. It can capture the face, back, hair, eyes, teeth, and extremities in exceptional detail. This 3D engraver uses no laser itself so eye protection is not necessary.

PERFECT Laser is specialist manufacturer of 3D subsurface laser engraving machine based in China. This laser engraver is known as a crystal engraving machine. Aside from this 3D laser machine, our company also provides laser engraving cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, metal laser cutting machine, laser marking machine, and more.

Other Products
  • ATC Woodworking MachineThe ATC woodworking machine is equipped with precision parts. The machine's body employs thick welded steel pipe which is processed with high temperature annealing. With the imported linear guide rail, the wood router can operate accurately and bear large loads. This wood engraver uses an advanced vacuum adsorption platform so it is of high capacity of adsorption. The strong dust collecting system eliminates debris during processing.
  • CNC Metal Engraving Machine, Mold Milling MachineOur CNC metal engraving and mold milling machine uses cast pieces to guarantee strength and stability. The imported precision linear guide rail is of excellent strength and high precision. This CNC router is equipped with a special constant power motor so it has a large cutting force and high work efficiency. The interface uses the international standard G code. It's compatible with many kinds of engraving software.
  • CNC Marble Stone Engraving MachineThe PERFECT Laser CNC marble stone engraving machine is equipped with a stainless steel water slot and cooling system to cycle water automatically and cool the blade when it is engraving on hard materials such as marble, granite, glass, stone etc. This CNC marble router or stone engraver is not only applicable for stone material but also can be used for engraving on acrylic, PVC, metals, etc.
  • Metal Diode Laser Marking Machine PERFECT Laser's Metal Diode Laser Marking Machine is widely used for marking stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, aluminum, copper, brass, anodized and coated materials. It can also be used to mark non-metallic materials such as nylon, ABS/PVC/PC board, hard plastics, rubber, resin, and ceramic. The diode laser marker can be used in industries such as electronic and communication products, IC products, electric lines, computer components.
  • Rotary Diode Laser Marking MachineThe Rotary Metal Laser Marking Machine is designed for fast speed and high precision laser marking by adding a set of rotary control system and rotary fixture. This diode laser machine is mainly used for marking column-shaped, taper-shaped and other work pieces with curved surface. It is also the economical choice for marking on fine metal parts, electronic components, high strength alloys, medical instruments, jewelry, etc.
  • Rotary Dot Peen Marking MachineThe PEQD-025 dot peen marking machine, also referred to as pin marking machine and stylus marker is used to make small marks and small indentations in materials by using a vibrating stylus that works using compressed air. The dot peen marking system features a rotary function to give it a more flexible range of surfaces to work on.
  • Portable Dot Peen Marking MachineHere at Perfect Fiber, we offer a portable dot peen marking machine which is a pneumatic marking machine and makes small marks small indentations in materials by using a vibrating stylus that works using compressed air. This dot peen marker is a perfect marking solution for various metals and other hard materials including steel, aluminum, and acrylic.
  • Automatic Laser Welding Machine The Automatic Laser Welding Machine is perfect industrial welding equipment which applies a high energy pulse laser to weld materials. The pulse laser generated by this laser welder is discharged by a xenon lamp. The light wave radiates through a Nd3+:YAG crystal to send a 1064nm pulse laser through resonance that then welds the materials through echo and focus.