Picosecond Laser Drilling and Marking Machine, PEDB-600A

The picosecond laser drilling and marking machine is widely used in drilling, cutting and slicing of heat reactive and high hardness fragile materials. This drilling machine is suitable for micro hole drilling and fine cutting for OGS mobile covers, optic glass, sapphire substrate, ultrathin metal material, and ceramic substrate. The applied industries include precise sensor ultra-micro parts, automotive engine fuel spray nozzle micro hole drilling, mobile glass cover drilling and cutting, LED or heat resistant FPC/PCB ceramic substrate drilling for a hole diameter of less than 0.1mm and shape cutting.

Picosecond Laser Drilling and Marking Machine, PEDB-600A

This laser drilling machine is widely used for motor nozzles, detectors, sensors, nozzling holes, perforated aluminum plates, microporous aerators, microporous oscillators, microporous nets, laser microporous nets, precise thin holes, metal microporous tubes, microporous membrane filters, internal combustion engine fuel nozzles, the plane turbine blades, SMT suction nozzles, CPU terminal modules, small suction nozzles, burners, filtering holes, watch splints, atomizing nozzles, motor nozzles, air nozzles, micro well plates, perforated plates, acoustic panels, , microporous filters, micromesh screens, stainless strainers, filters, laser punching nets, spray tips, fine mesh perforated, suction nozzles, atomizers, fine molds, aerospace electronics, microcrystalline circuit boards, filter cartridges, laser punching meshes, millipore filters, microporous diffuser tracheas, chemical fiber spinnerets, computer printing heads, cell strainers, and TV masks.

Main technology data
Stainless steel thickness: 0.04~0.2mm
Hole Diameter: 0.005~0.1mm
Max tapping speed: 1000holes/second
High speed, high precision, good consistency

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