Ceramic Laser Cutting Machine, PEDB-600B

The PEDB600B ceramic laser cutting machine is applicable for cutting, slicing and drilling aluminum, aluminum nitride ceramic circuit substrate, silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and other semiconductor backing materials. It is also applicable for cutting, drilling and slicing DPC, COB substrates and cutting sputtering plating substrates.

Automatic focusing, automatic feeding
High precision linear motor, location precision ± 1um
Imported solid state laser, high quality laser, thin focal laser beam. The complete machine has an excellent laser beam, high moving precision, high slicing speed, good cutting quality, and stable performance.

Ceramic Laser Cutting Machine, PEDB-600B

Main technical data
Cutting speed: 50-250mm/s
Cutting line width: 0.02-0.12mm
Cutting depth < 2mm
Drilling diameter: Min 0.2mm

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