UV Laser Cutting Machine for Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPC)

Today, Flexible Printed Circuit boards (FPC) are being built with more complex shapes and a much shorter delivery time. Traditional FPC processing usually uses a machining operation that opens a covering film window and processes the shape, however, these methods are no longer able to keep up with market demands, for three reasons.
1. It takes too long to open the mold.
2. An FBC with a complex opening slot requires complex molding, and for small and medium sized lots, the price is expensive.
3. Too complex of an opening slot due to the size and shapes makes the mold processing harder.

MicroVetor equipment uses a high powered UV laser to process FPC, making it suitable for small and medium sized lot production. The quality, price and speed have all earned significant praise on the market.

UV Laser Cutting Machine for FPC

MicroVetor equipment uses a high powered UV laser to process FPC, making it suitable for small and medium sized lot production. The quality, price and speed have all earned significant praise on the market.

The laser cutting machine for FPC uses CAD data to cut directly using a laser, making operation convenient and simple. It also significantly shortens the delivery time.

The UV laser cutting machine uses galvo scanning and a linear motor for two dimensional working, avoiding processing difficulties that arise with complex shapes and winding paths.

MicroVector equipment uses a laser walking path that moves in a vector shape, making the path smoother. The covering film outline that is cut using this type of laser system is smooth, has clean edges, and leaves behind no excess glue. When opening the window uses a mold machining process, avoiding rags and excessive glue around the window is difficult. As the rag and excess glue is difficult to remove after pressing on the bonding pad, the coating quality is affected.

FPC processing typically needs to change the covering on the film window due to route revision and bonding pad position readjustments according to customer needs.  By using a MicroVector system, users can cover the film opening window graph easily after processing. Customers are drawn to this laser machine for its time and cost savings.

MicroVector’s equipment integrates CNC technology, laser technology, software technology and opto-mechatronics technology all into one machine. It features a high degree of flexibility, high precision and high speed, which changes the FPC traditional processing method into one that saves time on technology, saves costs and features a high degree of automation.

MicroVector UV laser equipment is widely using in FPC production, for FPC outline cutting, and cutting, drilling, and covering film for the opening window, among other uses.

Technical Parameter
Fiber Laser Source Q-switched Diode Pump DPL
Laser Material Nd: YVO4
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Power 7W@25KHZ
Linear Motor Working table positioning precision ±2μm
Linear Motor Working table repetition precision ±1μm
Linear Motor Working table effective working area 304 x 400mm
CCD Automatic positioning Accuracy 7μm
Galvo working area 40 x 40mm
Galvo repetition Precision ±3μm
Date file Gerber standard format, DXF, PLT
Power Single Phase, 220V
Power consumption < 2kw
Size 1550 x 1110 x 1550mm (L x W x H)
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