CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Non-metallic CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Product Descriptions
PERFECT Laser's Non-metallic CO2 Laser Marking Machine comes with a CO2 laser tube laser source. Using an American made RF CO2 laser tube, the machine can work 20,000~30,000 hours without maintenance. The CO2 laser marker is widely used in the field of garment and shoe engraving, fabric cutting, medical packaging, handicrafts and gifts, food printing, soft drink printing, beverage packaging, rubber items, and leather engraving.

Product Features of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
1. The laser marking system for nonmetallic materials is equipped with the most advanced RF CO2 laser tube. There is no need to change consumables.
2. With a high-rate of photoelectric conversion thanks to its RF metal tube, the laser beam quality is much better than common machines that use glass laser tubes.
3. With multifunctional marking software, the CO2 lasers can be used in conjunction with rotary accessories, automatic fixtures, and production lines.

Applications of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
The CO2 Laser Marking Machine is widely used for jeans marking, shoe engraving, nylon marking, ABS/PVC/PC board marking, plastics marking, rubber marking, resin marking, ceramic marking, fabrics marking, and leather marking.

CO2 Laser Marking Machine
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Technical Data of CO2 Laser Marking Machine
Machine Model PEDB-C10 PEDB-C30 PEDB-C60 PEDB-C60A
Laser Output Power 10W 30W 60W 60W
Laser Type American RF CO2 Laser Tube China Glass Laser Tube
Laser Tube life Time 20,000~30,000 hours 1500~3000 hours
Standard Working Area 110mm×110 mm
Optional Working Area 70mm×70mm, 175mm×175mm
Marking Depth 0.01~0.3mm
Marking Speed 7000mm/second
Repeated Accuracy 0.01mm
Laser Wavelength 1064um
Minimum Line Width 0.015mm
Power Supply 380V/220(50HZ-60Hz)
Machine Power 2KW
Dimensions (L×W×H) Laser Optical System 240×1280×1200 (mm)
Control Cabinet 590×560×800 (mm)
Water-cooling System 540×700×900 (mm)

Optional Item
1. Safety glass
2. Online flying transfer belt system (includes the software)

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