Laser Spot Welding Machine

Our laser spot welding machine uses a high energy pulse laser to weld materials. The laser machine uses a xenon lamp to discharge the pulse laser. The light wave radiates through a Nd3+YAG crystal to send a 1064nm pulse laser through resonance that then welds the materials through echo and focus.

Features of Laser Spot Welding Machine
1. The laser spot welder uses galvanometer scanning technology, with fast welding speed, high accuracy, and an excellent laser beam pattern. It is specially designed for the precision spot welding of all kinds of jewelry and spare parts.
2. In single spot welding, which greatly reduces the location time, the efficiency is 4 to 10 times greater than common laser spot welding.
3. This scanning laser welding machine uses a YAG solid laser source, optical scanning system, 3D adjustable working platform, controlling system (optional: programmable controller), cooling system, laser directive system, and operation cabinet.
4. This jewelry laser welder supports a special laser welding system based on Windows software. The welding spot/graphics can be input and edited directly in the software, and can also be edited by other software like Auto CAD and Corel DRAW.

Laser Spot Welding Machine
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Widely applied in the welding of jewelry, mobile phone screening covers, metal mobile phone shells, metal screening nets in computers, shaving blades, electronic linking spats and other electronic products.

Technical Date for Jewelry Spot Laser Welding Machine
Laser Type Nd:YAG
laser wavelength 1064nm
Output Power 100W
Maximal Laser Pulse Power 50J
Pulse Breadth 0.1ms-20ms
Pulse Frequency 1-20Hz
Laser Power Instability ≤±3%
Spot Welding Speed ≤15 spots/s
MinFacula Diameter 0.4mm
Maximal Location Speed ≤7000mm/s
Resolving Rate 0.001 mm
Repeating Accuracy 0.002mm
Welding Scope Medium 65mm/ Medium110mm
Cooling Mode Double Circle Cooling System, Outer Circle adopts 3p cooling system

Optional Items
Rotary System: this is used for welding round materials.

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