Automatic Laser Welding Machine

The Automatic Laser Welding Machine is perfect industrial welding equipment which applies a high energy pulse laser to weld materials. The pulse laser generated by this laser welder is discharged by a xenon lamp. The light wave radiates through a Nd3+:YAG crystal to send a 1064nm pulse laser through resonance that then welds the materials through echo and focus.

1. The Automatic Laser Welding Machine comes equipped with a PLC programmable controller/PC control (two-axis/3-axis) working tables, and a universal X/Y-axis two-dimension automatic moveable platform. It uses a red light semiconductor to direct the positioning. The focus and the deflection angle of the laser can be moved manually from top to bottom. Optional settings include closed room/air confined space, manual descending and ascension of the platform, automatic rotary system and coaxial surveillance system.
2. The laser welding machine boasts an integrated German combined gold-plated reflector cavity laser technology that uses special beam election mode and shaping technology to ensure a high output power and excellent beam. There is double-pulsed Xenon lamp that ensures constant current laser power. Programmable pulse and intelligent zed management system helps prevent damage caused by overheating.

Automatic Laser Welding Machine
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3. Our automatic laser welding machine features integrative design, a compact structure, high output power, energy stability, excellent beam, simple and convenient operation, reliable performance, and wide application.

This laser welding machine is widely applied in the fields of aeronautical and space equipment, communication equipment, automobile manufacturing, and the metallurgy industry.

Technical Data for Laser Welding Machine
Model PE-W350 PE-W450 PE-W500
laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Rated Laser Output Power 350W 450W 500W
Maximal Laser Output Power 420W 520W 580W
Maximal Laser Pulse Power 70J 90J l00J
Beam Radiation Angle ≤8mrad ≤8mrad ≤8mrad
Laser Power Instability ≤±3% ≤±3% ≤±3%
Facular Diameter ≥0.3mm ≥0.3mm ≥0.3mm
Pulse Breadth 0.3ms-20ms 0.3ms-20ms 0.3ms-20ms
Pulse Frequency 0.1-200Hz 0.1-200Hz 0.1-200Hz
Wave Amount 15 15 15
Light Focus Cavity Combined Gold-Plated Reflector Cavity
Pump Source Pulse Xenon Lamp Pulse Xenon Lamp Pulse Xenon Lamp
Laser Crystal Nd:YAG Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Collimating Location Way CCD Surveillance System ( Selective Collocation)
Working Table CNC System PLC/ 2-axis PC(3-axis selective)
Working Table Moving 200×100×150mm (selective collocation: z-axis manually)
Location Accuracy 0.02mm 0.02mm 0.02mm
Repeating Location Accuracy ±0.01mm ±0.01mm ±0.01mm
Working Table Load 50Kg 50Kg 50Kg
Working Voltage 380V/three-phase/50Hz/40A
Main Machine Power 12KW 14 KW 14 KW
Cooling Machine Power 5P 5P 5P
Cooling Mode Outside Water Cooling
Machine Size (L×W×H ) 1500×750×1200mm

Optional Items
Rotary System: this is used for welding round pipe.

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