Fiber Laser Welding Machine

Fiber laser welding machine can weld two points / two faces together at the same time. The quality of the laser beam is excellent, and it allows for a small spot size. In addition, the fiber can be easily oriented and used at a distance. The fiber laser welder can weld inductor, crystal oscillator, magnetic read, micro motor, etc., and is widely used in electrical component industry.

Features of Fiber Laser Welding Machine
1. This laser soldering machine has high output power, large energy, excellent laser beam mode, reliable performance, fiber transmission, and can do flexible processing to single-position / multi-position several positions at the same time.
2. It adopts advanced Germany combined gold-plated reflector cavity laser technology, and use special beam election mode and shaping technology, which ensures a high output power and excellent laser beam mode.
3. There is double-pulsed Xenon lamp incenting, constant current laser power, programmable pulse and intelligent zed management system, also the automatic protection system for mis-operation and water lack from super temperature.
4. Many optical paths (at most 6) fiber transmission output with light and time sharing, which is easy to match the working with the special fixture, anti-shocking optical platform, pipelining in wide-range of industries.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine
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5. The working platform which has strong applicability also can be designed to order according to the customers' demands. The laser welding machine uses semiconductor red light for location (can select CCD coaxial / paraxial surveillance)

Applications of Fiber Laser Welding Machine
The fiber laser welding system is perfect for high precision welding of metal parts and electronic components, optical communication parts, kinescope electronic gun, missiles detector, cell phone vibration motor, engine spark plug, detonators engine, automobile lights, and Xenon street lamps, especially for high precision photoelectric parts welding, sensors and electronic items welding.

Technical Date for Fiber Laser Welding Machine
Model PE-FW150 PE-FW250 PE-FW350
laser wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Rated Laser Output Power 150W 250W 350W
Maximal Laser Output Power 210W 320W 460W
Maximal Laser Pulse Power 70J 90J 110J
Fiber Output Account Max 4 paths Max 6 paths Max 6 paths
Beam Radition Angle ≤8mrad ≤8mrad ≤8mrad
Laser Power Instability ≤±1.5% ≤±1.5% ≤±1.5%
Facula Diameter ≥0.3mm ≥0.3mm ≥0.3mm
Pulse Breadth 0.3ms-20ms 0.3ms-20ms 0.3ms-20ms
Pulse Frequency 0.1-20Hz 0.1-20Hz 0.1-20Hz
Wave Amount 15 15 15
Light Focus Cavity Combined Gold-Plated Reflector Cavity
Pump Source Pulse Xenon Lamp Pulse Xenon Lamp Pulse Xenon Lamp
Laser Crystal Nd:YAG Nd:YAG Nd:YAG
Collimating Location Way CCD Surveillance System (Red Light Indication) Selective Collocation
Optical Platform Optional Collocation / Made to Order
Working Power Supply 380V/three-phase/50Hz/40A
Main Machine Power 6KW 10 KW 12 KW
Cooling Machine Power 2P 3P 3P
Machine Size (L×W×H ) 1300×750×1000mm

Optional Items
300/500W fiber laser welding machine with flying optical laser paths

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