Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine

The Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine is used for making a variety of stainless steel letters, luminous LED characters, Logos, signs and other fast welding applications. The laser head of this laser equipment can move back and forth, up and down, left and right and rotate 360 degrees.

1. Affected heat zone is small and will not result in deformation.
2. For letters in the advertising industry, there is specially lengthened optical path and a telescopic lens that can be added to 800mm.
3. Using our laser welding machine for advertising letters welding, there is no raised mark after welding and no requirement for polishing process. Furthermore, the laser beam welding machine can save time and labor.
4. There is optional CCD monitor.
5. Equipped with a specially designed long focal distance lens F=200mm, the laser welding machine can meet the demand for ultra-high font welding.

Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine

Technical Data
PE-W220/PE-W400 Advertising Letter Laser Welding Machine
Max laser power 220W
Laser wave-length 1064nm
Single power energy 90J
Welding depth 0.1-1.2mm
Pulse width 0.3-20ms
Welding frequency 0.5-40HZ
Adjustable facular size 0.2-2mm
Power consumed ≤9KW
Electrical source 220V±10%/50Hz/40A
Standard worktable 800×1000mm
Positioning CCD Screen + Red Dot Pointer
2-linertary 200mm
Mobile level 200mm
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