Main Products
  • Metal Diode Laser Marking Machine The Metal Diode Laser Marking Machine is configured for high speed and precision laser marking. With high quality core optical components, and high optical conversion efficiency, the diode laser features more stable performance and a longer life time compared to similar products.
    Red light pointer designates the exact positioning with focus indication. The diode laser marking machine is equipped with luxury components such as, an imported focus lens and reflected mirror, American imported diode module, top glass scanning head, an English imported Q switch.
  • YAG Laser Cutting Machine The large format YAG metal laser cutting machine that uses a very thin laser beam can be used to cut small parts and make complicated patterns with a polished effect. Small but powerful beam from the YAG laser cutter cuts material and leaves the edges very smooth and neat. It also has the advantage of high cutting speed with minimal thermal distortion.