Free Pre-Sales Consulting/Free Sample Marking
1. PERFECT Laser, as a specialist manufacturer and supplier of laser metal cutting machine and laser marking machine, offers a 12 hour quick pre-sales response and free consulting services.
2. Free samples are available.
3. We offer progressing solution designs to all of our distributors and users.

Strict Quality Control of Production
We have adopted advanced testing equipment, such as laser power meters, laster testing machines, CNC high-precision processing machines, and 3D measuring machines. PERFECT Laser employs a strict quality control system to ensure the excellent quality of our machines which include CNC laser cutter, CNC laser engraver, CNC plasma cutter, CNC woodworking machine, and more.

5-7 Days Quick Delivery
We have an efficient production operation that leaves us with an inventory that allows us to ship our products and have them delivered to the customer in 5-7 days. Purchases of large and custom laser machinery are prioritized as they take longer to produce and ship, we try to expedite the process.

1 Year Quality Guarantee
PERFECT Laser offers a 1 year guarantee for our machinery and a 3 month guarantee for our consumable products. Long term customers benefit from extended loyalty guarantees.

12 hour Quick Feedback and After-Sales Service

1. Training video and operation manual provided for easy operation.
2. Trouble-shooting brochures provided for maintenance issues.
3. We offer online technical support for simple troubleshooting advice.

Quick Backup Parts Available and Technical Assistance
We have an extensive inventory of spare parts and we can ship out replacements as quickly as you order them.

Free Training Service
We suggest that our customers receive personal, hands-on training with our equipment. The training is free and we will work with you for as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable with the machine. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our ability to educate our customers in the installation, proper maintenance, and most efficient use of PERFECT Laser machines.

Special Designing, Customized, OEM Orders
PERFECT Laser has the capacity to help you realize special ideas and designs with the help of our expert engineers.

Main Products
  • Double Head Laser Engraving Machine The double head laser engraving machine was developed by our company to solve the problem of heavy processing volume demand with little processing time. The laser machine has high-efficiency and low-input and has obtained national patent protection. Two laser heads of this laser engraving machine can simultaneously carve and cut as well as be controlled separately.
  • Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine PERFECT Laser's Fiber Laser Marking Machine uses the most advanced fiber laser available on the market. The lifetime of the fiber laser marker can reach up to 100,000 hours (8-10 years) without any consumables and maintenance. The industrial laser marking system uses high-brightness fiber-coupled pump laser diodes to produce a powerful laser beam with fine thickness for jobs that require high accuracy.